Unleashing Your Body’s Healing Potential: A Mindful Approach To Treating Physical Trauma


Unleashing Your Body’s Healing Potential: A Mindful Approach To Treating Physical Trauma

The expectations set by doctors after injuries, surgery, or physical trauma are often grave.

It’s no wonder so many people struggle to recover completely after hearing these worst-case predictions, leading to months or years of not only physical but also psychological suffering.

But help is here!

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From the internationally acclaimed mindful healing expert Dr. Maya Novak comes the book…

HEAL BEYOND EXPECTATIONS Unleashing Your Body’s Healing Potential: a Mindful Approach to Treating Physical Trauma

Dr. Maya Novak is known for her unique approach to treating physical trauma—a blend of her medical background, extensive study and research into the mind-body-spirit-connection, and personal experience. She is also the founder and host of the Mindful Injury Recovery Talks.

David Hanscom, M.D.

Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon, author of Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain

This book is a true state of the art and a great resource laying out the principles of the kind of deep healing that can only occur within you – one I hope will help bring these concepts into mainstream medicine.
Dr. Maya Novak clearly presents the core principles of how to heal from emotional and physical pain – because they share the same neurological circuits and cannot be solved in isolation – not only shedding light on the problem but providing a practical way out into the light.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

New York Times bestselling author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

Dr. Maya Novak brings heart and soul to the conventional medical approach to healing injuries. Her own raw, personal story gives hope to the reader, as she recounts the depth of her physical and psychological journey to recovery.

Her Mindful Injury Recovery Model is a powerful tool both for patients and for medical professionals who wish to deepen their insight into the healing experience.

Eileen Kopsaftis, PT

Physiotherapist and Pain and Chronic Conditions Specialist, author of Pain Culprits!

So many medical professionals focus solely on the physical aspects of treating and healing an injury, leaving those in pain with no hope of recovery because those aspects that can bring us victory are not understood or addressed. Dr. Maya Novak provides strategies that work to give those aspects voice AND comprehension of how they relate to our healing and recovery. Her Mindful Injury Recovery Method is as effective at promoting healing from chronic pain and injury as it is profound in its truths about what often prohibits that healing in the first place.

Healing an injury requires more than only treating the physical body.

There are parts of you that are invisible, affect the body, and need the same amount of attention when it comes to physical trauma.

To heal completely & beyond expectations you need a holistic approach.

A book that will help you transform your recovery and life.

In this book, you’ll:

Discover how the invisible things happening on the subconscious level influence the mind body connection and how they can both lead to injuries, and slow down your recovery.
Find out why many people struggle with slow(er) healing or complications after injuries and how to turn things around for yourself.
Learn how your mind can heal your body and how to tap into the mind-body-spirit connection to heal fast after injury or surgery, and get back to doing the things that you love.
Use simple but powerful exercises at the end of each chapter to implement all the learnings and experience consistent progress in your injury recovery.
Get answers to all those questions you have about true healing and mindful recovery from injuries and physical trauma that aren’t covered by doctors, physiotherapists, and other medical professionals.
Finally bounce forward, become free from physical trauma and start living your life to the fullest again.

Dr. Maya Novak’s work fills the blind spots in the conventional approach to injury recovery.

Built on cutting-edge new research, centuries-old knowledge, and years of personal experience, it’s in part a step-by-step guide to applying her Mindful Injury Recovery Method, in part a raw, relatable memoir of overcoming physical and psychological trauma, and essential for anyone wanting to learn how to heal beyond expectations.

Friedemann Schaub M.D., Ph.D.

Award-winning bestselling author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution and The Empowerment Solution

Dr. Maya’s beautifully written book is for anyone ready to take charge of their health and healing. It provides you with the insights, tools and confidence to align your mind and body and thus activate your self-healing powers. Based on her personal journey and countless transformational results with her clients, Dr. Maya takes you on a journey that will disentangle you from old, self-limiting beliefs and gently guide you to heal beyond your expectations.

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In this 90-min session, you’ll connect the dots between different traumas (physical and psychological), learn to use a couple of healing techniques, and discover how to gently move between different healing spaces.

Playing With Pain meditation

Enjoy this playful meditation anytime anywhere to reduce and eliminate the soreness, bit by bit. You can, and will be pain-free.

The Wheel Of Outstanding Injury Recovery masterclass

Tune into this masterclass to discover all the elements of successful injury recovery and create a healing plan for yourself.

Amy B. Scher

Bestselling author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can

Maya’s magnificent approach to healing will help you find excitement about your future again. Follow her lead and you’ll transform your injury into an experience that helps you become an even better version of yourself.

Brad Yates

Speaker and Emotional Freedom Techniques Expert

While I wouldn’t wish an injury on anyone, I would wish this book on them if it should happen. Not only does Dr. Maya provide tools for healing in a more holistic and profound way – she also helps you find a perspective where you can turn misfortune into an opportunity to make your life better than it might have otherwise been.

Cheri Clampett

C-IAYT, coauthor of The Therapeutic Yoga Kit

Through Maya’s own personal trauma experience, she brings deep wisdom and compassion to her work in the field. Her book, Heal Beyond Expectations, offers hope and guidance to those who are healing and those who want a fresh approach to supporting healing in others.


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    Dawson Church, Ph.D.

    Award-winning author of The Genie in Your Genes

    In this provocative book, Maya Novak shows that physical trauma often amplifies unresolved anxiety, sadness, fear, and anger. This produces further stress and exacerbates physical illness. The good news is that when we change our consciousness, we produce molecular, cellular, and neurological change in our body. This kind of commitment to your own healing requires a team of experts to support you in every dimension of your healing journey—and the book explains each of these dimensions and how to approach them. It is particularly appropriate for people dealing with traumatic injuries and chronic illnesses as well as their caretakers.

    Dive into the book to uncover your own body’s healing potential and become free from your physical trauma.